Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

Night Ride Lights Up the O’Keefe Rail Trail

The O’Keefe Challenge’s ‘Light The Trail’ 2022 night ride event saw riders being able to choose two distances to cycle after dark, both utilising the O’Keefe Rail Trail on Friday 13 May. One option was the full Bendigo to Heathcote distance of 50kms, while the more popular was an Axedale to High St Heathcote that had those riders cycling 27.5kms.

With rain threatening during the day, the night riders were still keen to be judged on the best presented bike and colourful cyclist’s outfit as they waiting at the start lines. While coloured lights were decorating bikes and riders, brighter lights showed riders a clear way ahead along the O’Keefe Rail Trail.

Riders and light beams cross the O’Keefe Rail Trail bridge, Knowsley.

The final destination for all riders was Heathcote, and the finishing rider’s celebrations were held at Palling Bros Brewery that included a free BBQ meal and a live band performance.

The end of the ‘Light The Trail’ ride.

Some of the event’s riders who started from Bendigo extended their experience, by staying in Heathcote accommodation overnight. Then after a Saturday morning breakfast, the group rode the rail trail’s 50kms back to Bendigo. Those riders were definitely well prepared to enjoy all of what the event had to offer, while celebrating the success of the final O’Keefe Challenge event for 2022!

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