Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

O’Keefe Rail Trail Supports Disability Users

With the O’Keefe Rail Trail Marathon only 2 weeks away, running the 42kms may be difficult for some yet exciting for others. Marney Lamb and Rohan Lee are definitely excited, as being disabled people they never thought that being involved in a marathon is what they would be doing this month!

Against the odds Rohan Lee, 43 and Marney Lamb, 26 are set to take on the 42km in the O’Keefe Rail Trail Marathon, despite both using wheelchairs full-time. This is all due to two local heroes Dan O’Bree and Travis Edwards and the Loddon Shire Council who have loaned a trail rider – an all terrain wheelchair.

For Rohan and Marney to be able to compete in a marathon in a wheelchair is beyond their expectations. It’s definitely a enormous physical challenge for both Rohan and Marney, as well as for Travis and Dan to manouver the trail rider wheelchair through the natural terrain of the trail. There will certainly be a lot of intense emotions from everyone, when they all cross the finish line!

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