Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

Ride2School, a winner for Axedale PS

Out of bed well before sunrise, last minute bike tyre checks, cold faces and fingers, watching a distant bright light from an approaching rider, all added to the excitement of participating in Axedale Primary School’s Ride2School 2015.

Being the school’s third year participating in the national activity, it would be the longest distance the school had planned. Catering for all age groups and riding skills, Principle Lex Johnstone’s plans were being put into place. By using the O’Keefe Rail Trail, well away for busy roads and highway, the start points of Wilkie Rd Junortoun, Longlea Ln Longlea, and Axedale township had students, parents, teachers and supporting Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail members gathering in anticipation.

Axedale PS students ready for Ride2School 2015, Longlea. Photo: Garry Long

Axedale Primary School students ready for Ride2School 2015, Longlea pick up. Photo: Garry Long

With over 55% of the school’s 79 students riding, this would be a ride to remember for many. Leading up to the day, the event had also introduced some of the parents to cycling on the rail trail for the first time.

Picking up riders at the different locations along the trail, the students were eager to be involved while those assisting ensuring safety at cross roads etc. Dealing with a puncture or two along the way, the finish at the school was an added highlight for many with a breakfast of cooked bacon and egg sandwiches plus drinks. A successful morning’s activity completed, and for some, hopefully triggering a future active lifestyle ahead.

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