Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

Fabulous Feedback

With recent upgrading works completed in time for the ANZAC Day extended weekend, the O’Keefe Rail Trail’s traffic has been busy.

Putting on the finishing touches before the weekend. Photo: Mick Monigatti

Feedback from cyclists using the rail trail over recent days has been very positive. “OKRT looking its best for a glorious morning ride joining many others as the ☀️ warms the day.” stated Bendigo resident Nev Shand upon logging his ride on Strava, “There were so many cyclists, families, groups, pairs and solo riders, along with the many local walkers taking their fur children for a stroll!” Nev later stated.

A couple of ‘locals’, trail watching! Photo: Nev Shand
Riders passing Axedale Station’s wagon. Photo: Nev Shand
Trail crossing of the Axe Creek. Photo: Nev Shand

With the Victorian public holiday on Tuesday 25th April, its likely that many will enjoy the off-road experiences that the attractive O’Keefe Rail Trail provides.

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