Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

O’Keefe Trail Upgrades Underway

Users of the O’Keefe Rail Trail are already benefiting from smoother trail surfaces that are expected to have better drainage for future high storm-water run-off events. City of Greater Bendigo contractors are current undertaking reconstruction of certain older sections of the O’Keefe Rail Trail, which have not had such maintenance undertaken since originally constructed 31 years ago!

Riders on the completed reconstructed section. Photo: Paul Russell

Construction work has already been completed in the section of the rail trail located between Wilkie Rd and Somerset Park Rd Junortoun, where riders using the trail have been very pleased with the outcomes.

Warning signs for works under construction ahead. Photo: G.Long

Currently reconstruction works are occurring between Hodges Rd and Giris Rd, Axedale, so trail users need to take note of warning signs as well as being near working machinery as contractors attempt to undertake work without fully closing the trail. Riders are asked to slow their speed, and ‘chill out’ while the work staff make arrangements to safely allow trail users to pass.

Local contractors reconstructing the rail trail. Photo: G.Long

The Hodges Rd and Giris Rd Axedale section had been severely impacted by the 2022 winter period that recorded unusual high rainfall, which significant storm-water runoff washed across the trail causing soil erosion. While hopefully not expected another extreme wet winter, such planned works by council should prevent future storm-water events severely damaging those older sections of the O’Keefe Rail Trail.

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