Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

Trail Repairs in Progress

While the O’Keefe Rail Trail causeway at Lake Eppalock did have its access gates open for a few days, unfortunately the trail’s condition in this section has changed and it is not currently passable.

With recent rain, the trail at Lake Eppalock is again under water. Hopefully this will be a short term issue, given the trail had been opened by the City of Greater Bendigo council last week.

The trail’s Heathcote approach to Lake Eppalock. Photo: Neil.M

Friend’s member Neil reported that the remainder of trail was in good condition, having cycled from Heathcote through to Lake Eppalock at Derrinal on Monday 21st Nov. “It was a lovely ride with good surface conditions, as well as being interesting to observe the lake’s water level” said Neil,

“While at the lake area, I noted the work that the council’s contractor had done to clear timber logs that had earlier washed up onto the trail within this lake section, which is really pleasing.”

The council’s contractor, using an excavator machine, has also cleared logs and debris from the trail’s Campaspe Rv bridge at Axedale, plus repaired the bridge’s railings. With the bridge’s approaches yet to be repaired, this is the only trail bridge still closed to traffic. Trail users can still cross the river though, via the McIvor Highway bridge at Axedale.

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