Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

Trail Sections Closed

Due to the current major flooding event that is occurring in the central Victorian region, this has impacted two sections of the O’Keefe Rail Trail.

Very high water levels in the Campaspe River had impacted, and for a time closed the trail immediately east of Axedale (i.e. from William St to Ingham Rd). Initial indications are that high water flows and debris have caused the trail’s bridge to be impassable, and the bridge is closed until a full engineering inspection can be undertaken. Also the trail’s surface between Willams St and the trail bridge has sustained severe damage.

The adjacent section of the McIvor Hwy at the river crossing was also closed to all traffic, due to severe flood damage, yet as of 19th October the highway has been temporarily repaired and opened to road traffic at a restricted 40kph speed limit.

O’Keefe Rail Trail’s Campaspe Rv bridge (some sections of its railing now showing, as river level lowers ). Photo: Y. Lakey 16 Oct

The rail trail also remains closed at its crossing of Lake Eppalock, Derrinal, due to the lake’s inundation of the trail’s causeway. However the trail remains open for all other sections, i.e Bendigo-Axedale (20kms) and Heathcote to Ingham Rd Axedale (except the Lake Eppalock causeway).

Campaspe Rv & McIvor Hwy bridge (water levels were higher than the bridge deck). Photo: Y. Lakey 16 Oct

Whilst the rail trail and its surface has remained in relatively good condition for the remaining open sections, updated information can be obtained from the trail manager the City of Greater Bendigo council on 1300 002642.

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