Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

Lake Water Floods Trail

From the O’Keefe Rail Trail’s Lake Eppalock section being highlighted by water, this same section is now submerged by higher water levels!

Just days ago, the rising water level of Lake Eppalock was creating an amazing experience for trail users, with water lapping right up to the trail’s lake causeway.

Yet as inflows have continued into the lake, the level has exceeded 102% capacity. This has now submerged the rail trail’s lake causeway, hence closing public access to just that section of the trail. The remainder of the 50km trail is in relatively good condition, despite recent rainfall events.

For only the rail trail’s Lake Eppalock causeway section
Required around the Lake Eppalock causeway section

The City of Greater Bendigo, as trail’s manager, has closed only this section of the trail at Lake Eppalock until both the water level lowers as well as a safety inspection clears this section for access. For O’Keefe Rail Trail related information, the council can be contacted on 1300 002642 or

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