Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

Support for Heathcote Food Share

The Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail are not only passionate about the rail trail; they’re also passionate about the communities the trail passes through. At the recent Christmas lunch, held at the Heathcote Wine Hub, members and guests generously dug into their own pockets to raise money to assist a local community group. This year, the Friends unanimously elected to direct the donation to the Heathcote Food Share.

Representatives of the Friends held a brief ceremony to hand over a cheque for $265 to Glenn Cullimore, President of the Heathcote Food Share.

L-R: Di Bourne, Margie Joyce, and Glenn Cullimore

Heathcote Food Share is a community-based organization that provides rescued food and redistributes it to local communities. President Glenn received the donation gratefully, said it would be put to great use in the community, and thanked the Friends for their generosity.

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