Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

Rail Trail Lunch Reflects on 2021

The Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail members and partners came together in Heathcote, to celebrate the Christmas festive season, enjoy the social occasion over lunch, as well as reflecting upon the group’s activities and achievements in 2021.

Christmas lunch venue, Heathcote Wine Hub. Photo: Garry Long

Whilst there was the option to ride the O’Keefe Rail Trail to this event at Heathcote, most members who shared the day with their partners preferred a Sunday road drive in the country as the other option. There were exceptions who enjoyed cycling the O’Keefe trail, being pleasantly surprised by the number of other trail users who were out experiencing this popular trail.

Passing cyclists on the O’Keefe Rail Trail, as they headed towards Axedale. Photo: Garry Long

Whilst those attending the lunch enjoyed local wines and food at the Heathcote Wine Hub, shady locations in the outdoor dining area gained the most attention during the warm afternoon weather.

Santa sharing stories, joy and gifts at lunch gathering. Photo: Garry Long

With Santa arriving, each person was given a treat as long as they answered the “Have you been naughty or nice?” question from Santa. Very few had been too naughty!!

O’Keefe Rail Trail users observed in the Junortoun area. Photo: Garry Long

Following lunch, President Colin Scott welcomed the 45 members and partners attending whilst he reflected upon the positive aspects of the group’s activities during 2021. Also Colin noted the growing number of new members to the group, partly due to the community working bees held in the Wallan/Hidden Valley area. He looked forward to those members being involved in the group’s various activities in the future, while thanking all present members for their contributions. With 2022 just around the corner, President Colin had high expectations that more achievements would be had by the group, in partnership with other community organisations during 2022.

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