Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

Exploring the O’Keefe Rail Trail

Highlights of the O’Keefe Rail Trail were being explored when Jess and Garry rode the trail between Bendigo and Heathcote, during filming for ‘Over the Handlebars’. While this ride happened well prior to COVID19 impacting upon world communities, the trail has since become increasingly popular for tourists, outdoor recreation and personal exercise.

With the delightful Spring weather now just around the corner, and when the current COVID19 lock-downs for Victoria and NSW are able to be eased, its now time for planning a ‘country trail escape’ to perhaps enjoy seeing native wildflowers in bloom while out along this rail trail.

The water level in Lake Eppalock has been increasing from winter rains, so this scenic area is easily observed directly from your bike as are other points of interest along the trail. While either doing a day tour or staying overnight, plan to allow time for sampling some award winning local wines made from Shiraz and Italian grape varieties.

Of course visiting a bakery, having a snack from a cafe, doing lunch at a restaurant, tasting a beer or two from a local boutique brewery, or enjoying a picnic next to the Campaspe River, these and many other trail related choices need to plan for!

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