Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

Lets Go Hit the O’Keefe!

Are you keen for the right weather to exercise, to do some walking or cycling since certain Victorian COVID19 restrictions have been eased? Keep an eye on the BOM’s weather predictions, and then immediately plan for an escape to experience what the O’Keefe Rail Trail has to offer.

While already a popular trail, there are recent upgraded trail sections to check out, a diversity of environments to be immersed in, the safety of being away from busy road traffic, plus of course the many opportunities to enjoy connecting with linked businesses. Be sure to experience the country charm of the Axedale Tavern or the Axedale General Store, and also in Heathcote there are many offerings from pubs, bakeries, cafes, wineries, and even a boutique brewery on High St. At the trail’s most western point, it’s the City of Bendigo for world class arts culture, restaurants, cosy lane cafes, a rich history based upon gold, off-road urban trails, and much more.

While some will enjoy a cruising ride or casual walk, other O’Keefe Rail Trail users are out there to better their previous PB, whether for bragging to mates or doing some serious training for that next event. Need a yard stick? Then check out those 2021 O’Keefe Challenge marathon and half marathon times, or match yourself with a few Strava segments to maybe achieve a QOM or KOM!!  

Whatever your reason is to encourage friends or family to join you on the O’Keefe Rail Trail, it will be for the right reason as this trail will not disappoint, and most likely you’ll be back to do all or parts of it again.

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