Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

Trail Upgrades to Enjoy

Looking to experience what the O’Keefe Rail Trail has to offer this weekend, perhaps to escape the couch watching TV time? The good news is that this rail trail is open 24/7, so anytime is a great time…..especially if you have little time to plan ahead!

With planned upgrading works occurring for the oldest sections of the O’Keefe trail, the City of Greater Greater Bendigo’s contractor has been carrying out this reconstruction between Junortoun and Longlea. The most recent works being the section between Hodges Ln and the Axe Creek trail bridge.

Upgrade works near the Axe Creek, O’Keefe Rail Trail. Photo: Adrian Cummings

Trail users are asked to take care while using this section, especially if there has been rain falling in this area previously, so you can enjoy the remainder of the trail. Perhaps you would like to know what is special on the Axedale Tavern’s menu, or perhaps thinking about a coffee and snack options in Heathcote like Gaffney’s Bakery and Pie Kitchen for that extra treat?

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