Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

Autumn surprises

What a great time of the year autumn can be, while out enjoying parts of the rural environment and points of interest along the O’Keefe Rail Trail. While the Labour Day holiday weekend for 2016 saw many more users on the trail, the Easter holiday period in central Victoria can be more exciting. Being another opportunity to enjoy Bendigo’s Easter events, like the Easter Egg Hunt, this can also be a time to ‘escape’ with family and friends out on the rail trail.

An Autumn morning, sun rises over the O'Keefe Rail Trail and its local population. Mar 2016 Photo: Liz

An Autumn morning, sun rising over the O’Keefe Rail Trail and some of the local population. Mar 2016 Photo: Liz Spillane

Early morning on the trail can present many natural scenic views and sightings, such as kangaroos, wallabies, native birds, and even the possibility of a platypus!

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