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Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

The New Rail Trail has a Logo

With the O’Keefe Rail Trail being ‘reborn’ as a new continuous 50km trail in regional Victoria, what better way to identify this community asset than having it branded with a new logo!

Prior to this ‘stage #3’ development of the O’Keefe trail, the identity of the trail was often linked to the trail’s ‘whistle post’ signs that are located at each road crossing along the older section. Otherwise often the trail’s former Axe Creek suspension bridge was the connection, a bridge that has now been replaced by a new steel at grade bridge.

So the City of Greater Bendigo Council’s Presentation & Assets staff set about having a new logo designed that would create a link with the past, the former railway, the current rail trail, and a future identity for this trail. The outcome is striking (no reference to the logo’s crossed railway dogspikes!), and readily recognisable connection to this trail.

The O'Keefe Rail Trail Logo

The O’Keefe Rail Trail Logo


PS: If wondering, the name O’Keefe relates to Andrew O’Keefe, the contractor who built the Sandhurst (Bendigo) to Heathcote section of the original railway in 1888.

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