Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

Bike Bendigo Inc. launch

The official launch of Bike Bendigo Inc. will occur on Friday 17 October in Bendigo. The formation of this organisation is expected to create a turning point for how Bendigo is perceived in the future.

To have Bendigo known as a cycle friendly city is one of the major goals, which is an exciting prospect in itself! Not only determined to achieve that position, another core objective of this new not-for-profit organisation is to get more people and families cycling, both for commuting and for recreation.

Click this link for the Bike Bendigo Inc. offical launch details. Come along and be a part of this exciting development, hear about the planned directions, and support this community initiative. More related information about this new direction for Bendigo can be found on twitter (@BikeBendigo and #bikebendigo) or

Your diary’s Friday 17 October entry – “Bike Bendigo, Hargreaves Mall, Bendigo, 5:30pm – 7:30pm“, not to be missed!


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