Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

A nice trail to train!

Like to train on a rail trail? Have you wondered what runners think about the O’Keefe Rail Trail, as a training or open trail experience?

Check out this Youtube video that shows Tim Gentle, an experienced Dedicated Wilderness Adventure Club (DWAC) runner on the O’Keefe Rail Trail from East Bendigo to Axedale, and what he thinks of this upgraded and extending local asset.

Tim and his DWAC team want to achieve the target for their 100 Day Challenge, and by using the O’Keefe Rail Trail, this is helping him to clock up those kms well away from busy roads and vehicles. Check out Tim on the O’Keefe Rail Trail, encourage Tim and his team achieve their goal.

You can also set and achieve your own personal goals, experience the O’Keefe Rail Trail while improving your own health and wellbeing. The rail trail is open 24/7, entry is FREE, no lock-in contracts or plans, share it with friends, and perhaps meet new friends out on the trail!

PS: The trail is also accessable for the disabled to experience, as the majority of sections are motorised wheel chair friendly.

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