Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

Axedale extension and Heathcote for the long weekend

Getting to Axedale

Garry Long representing the Friends met with City of Greater Bendigo staff at Axedale earlier this week to look at various options for taking the trail into Axedale – and for getting across the Campaspe River.

The route to Heathcote proposed in 2006 used the current bridge to cross the river then followed an easement up the hill, crossed the highway, then joined the old railway alignment well past the quarry. Some other options are now being examined which would take the trail closer to the old alignment through that section. Nothing is definite yet, but it could be a much more attractive route.

Friends on show at Heathcote on Show

Victoria Hill Road, Heathcote: Parts of the old railway are now in use as roads.

Victoria Hill Road, Heathcote: Parts of the old railway are now in use as roads.

Ken and Margaret Hanson will be manning an exhibit in the RSL hall during Heathcote’s long weekend festivities. The council has provided some lovely maps showing the possible route through to Heathcote. Ken and Margaret have ridden rail trails all over Australia and are keen to share their passion for this new one close to home. If you’ll be in Heathcote over the weekend, drop in and say hello to them.

2 responses to “Axedale extension and Heathcote for the long weekend

  1. Christine Scott Jul 21, 2009 at 9:21 am

    As a resident of Bendigo and a former resident of Heathcote I am really excited at the prospect of the O’Keefe trail being extended to Heathcote and eventually to Kilmore. I have ridden the Heathcote to Lake Eppalock section many times and feel that it could easily become a shared trail with vehicles (Very few vehicles travelled the full length of this section, most only went the first kilometre from Speed St or to the sewerage farm) incorporating a speed restriction and perhaps some “S” bends for vehicles at strategic spots to ensure they can’t go too fast. Also lots of signage so that people are very aware that it is a shared trail. Hope I can help in some way. Chris S

  2. Christine Scott Jul 21, 2009 at 9:34 am

    I rode the full length of the O’Keefe trail to Axedale the other day when it had been raining. Some improvements that I think would be worthwhile are:
    1. Culvert pipes in the small creeks that at the moment you leave the embankment and go down into them and then up the other side. The pipes only need to be small (300mmor less) so that you are not splashing into water and then finding you are dropping into a hole in the water.
    2. There are a lot of gates in a short distance; what about having a cattle grid (only wide enough for a bike) next to some of these gates so that bike riders would not have to continually open and shut gates but there is still access for horse riders.
    3. I found the access to the swing bridge difficult with a bike, particulary the Axedale side. Could ramps be built instead of the steps?

    The environs of the trail are fabulous, I look forward to assisting its further development in any way I can.

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