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Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

Options for the Axedale extension

Earlier this year, the City of Greater Bendigo received $64,000 as part of the Federal Government’s stimulus package to extend the existing O’Keefe trail right into Axedale. Now the council is seeking input into the best route for the extension.

Route options into Axedale

Ideally, the trail would follow the original alignment through the golf course and across the river to the old trestle bridge across the flood plain. The Axedale community, though, would like the trail to come into the centre of the town. In any event, the “ideal” route is fraught will difficulties.

Options for the route to Axedale:

  • Go as far as possible from before Cemetry Road on the original reserve to the golf course.
  • Hit the streets early to come into town.

Options to cross the Campaspe River

Once the trail gets into Axedale it must eventually cross the Campaspe River. Options suggested to date include:

  • On south side of McIvor Highway in CBD, then to VicRoads bridge and either attach to road bridge (probably fraught with delays and red tape!) or low water bridge on south side, then loop back under bridge to the northern side, or
  • LHS of McIvor Highway in ‘CBD’, left up Campaspe Road right down to river reserve, right back towards road bridge then left to a new river crossing (either low water or swing bridge, which would require CMA approval?) to arrive at same point as (1) on north east side of river.

There are probably more options and that’s what we’re looking for. Contact us if you have other ideas.

The trestle bridge on east side of the river at Axedale would be a marvellous asset for the trail.

The trestle bridge on east side of the river at Axedale would be a marvellous asset for the trail.

Dreaming of the other side

The railway used to cross the river where the golf course now exists and travel over a long trestle bridge. This likely involves negotiating access through private property. But it would be a big draw card if the rail trail could somehow access this as well.

One response to “Options for the Axedale extension

  1. Steve Bennett Jul 14, 2009 at 6:37 am

    Here’s a thought: the best way to get feedback on various routes is to create them in Google Maps (use the “My Maps” feature), and post the links – or embed a map. It’s very easy, and it’s much more informative than using words. Then people can respond with their own maps.

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