Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

Bikes on Buses for Rail Trail Users

With the Victorian PTV ‘Bikes on Buses’ program having been rolled out in the Bendigo and Castlemaine areas in early 2022, the Bendigo Heathcote PTV service was included in that program after the Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail group made a request via Jacinta Allan MP State member for Bendigo East.

Bike fitted on a bus mounted rack. Photo: DoT supplied

The PTV service provider Organ’s Coaches has since introduced a new larger bus on the Bendigo Heathcote service, which has now had an external bike rack fitted to carry two (2) bikes. This is a great service for any O’Keefe Rail Trail user who may plan to only ride or walk a section of the trail, and then use the PTV bus service to return them to a specific bus stop location. Or should you ‘run out of puff’ or have an unplanned mechanical issue on your bike, then this bus service could become the ideal ‘roadside assist’ option!

The location of bus stops along the O’Keefe Rail Trail route can be found via the PTV web page A service time table can also be found on the PTV web page

Like to know how to use these bus mounted bike racks? An instructional video is available (produced when these racks were being trialled, yet is still applicable) Also there is related information on the PTV web page ‘Bikes and Public Transport’.

So don’t forget to pack your credit or debit card or cash (bus doesn’t have MYKI) when heading out to enjoy the O’Keefe Rail Trail. Such payment options could become your insurance for an easy return!

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