Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

Light the Trail

The O’Keefe Challenge came back in 2021 bigger than ever, with a record 1,180 entries across the night ride, running and relay events. Not only a great experience and a physical test for entrants, the events also raised much needed funds for the Heathcote Dementia Alliance.

On Friday 30 April, over 200 riders of all ages set off in the ‘Light the Trail’ event either from Bendigo, or from Axedale at sunset. These riders were focused on cycling the O’Keefe Rail Trail guided by their bike lights, with the challenge to fully enjoy the experience with friends plus finishing the event at Heathcote.

Cyclist under lights on the O’Keefe Rail Trail, Axedale. Photo: A J Taylor Photography / Bendigo Photos

“The sight of the riders rolling out from Axedale with their decorated bikes and flashing costumes was fantastic and a lot of fun. Everyone had a wonderful time,” explained Ride Coordinator, David Little.

Riders crossing the O’Keefe Rail Trail Bridge, Knowsley. Photo: A J Taylor Photography / Bendigo Photos

All riders received a finishers medal upon arrival at Palling Bros, and $100 gift vouchers for Giant Bendigo were awarded for ‘Best Illuminated Outfit’, ‘Best Lit Bike’ and an ‘Encouragement Award’ for those who have demonstrated the spirit of the O’Keefe Challenge.

L-R, Riders Jennifer Schatzle, and Cheryl Martin (awarded Best Illuminated Outfit), Axedale. Photo: Ev Keetelaar

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