Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

New section of trail heads to Knowsley

Trail winding down a hill towards a pedestrian bridge.

Looking back: the view from the new section of trail to the Campaspe bridge and Axedale

While the Axedale cycle tunnel nears completion, work has just been completed on the first section of trail to the east of the Campaspe River bridge.

The new trail section connects the bridge to Ingham Road (old McIvor Highway). From there the trail will follow Ingham Road up to Browne Lane. Council’s contractor completed the new section in the last week of January. The council has done some patch resealing work on the damaged asphalt sections of the trail on Inghams Rd, so trail users can now use the new trail section from the bridge to the eastern end of Inghams Rd.

Zoom in on this map and you’ll see Ingham Road and the route of the new section.

The trail contractor is expected to begin the next section of trail construction towards Browne Lane this month.

Old building with the roof fallen in.

Ruins: the old Deans Hotel on Ingham Road. Once a nice spot for a cool one on your way to or from Heathcote.

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