Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail

Linking central Victoria via the old railway line

Works in the pipeline for 2014

Getting to Knowsley Forest

From February you’ll be able to get under the McIvor Highway and over the Campaspe River. That’s when plans start for the next section of trail that will take you the eastern boundary of the Knowsley Forest. Stay tuned for announcements.

Lake Eppalock-Mt Ida Creek crossing

This will be the iconic part of this trail running down the old railway alignment right at the lake’s edge. Building of this section of trail must wait for the water level of the lake to lower (as it does naturally in summer).  Once it’s low enough large machinery can enter the area and the planned trail alignment. Best estimates (unless it’s going to be particularly wet summer!) is that work will start in March or April 2014.

The route will follow the original railway alignment across the lake, but Lake Eppalock didn’t exist when the railway was built. The height of the new trail will need to be raised with about 90,000 m3 of earth fill to keep it above the high water level. When it’s complete there’ll be a causeway across the lake with a 90 m long bridge over the Mt Ida Creek in the middle.

The Avenue: the causeway across Lake Eppalock will be an iconic section of the new trail.

One Eye Forest

Concerns raised by some Heathcote residents mid-year have resulted in a full review of the planned trail project section in the One Eye Forest, from Mia Mia-Derrinal Road to Speed Street in Heathcote. A meeting of key stakeholders will be held on Tuesday 11 February who will be briefed on the council report. A final report is then expected to go to a council meeting (possibly in March) for a resolution.

Upgrading maintenance on the existing trail

Council is currently prioritising the list of maintenance requirements on the existing Bendigo-Axedlae section of the trail. Those deemed highest priority will see some work done in the first quarter of 2014.

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